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Dr. Dell’Olio has published two books. Coming About: Life In the Balance is a memoir that tells a harrowing story of survival and the search for meaning. Body And Soul is a work of fiction in which the characters struggle with sexual identity and toxic love relationships. He is presently querying his third novel, and writing the history of his immigrant parent’s love story. As chair of the music department and ethics teacher at an independent school for girls in Manhattan, Mario Dell’Olio conducts the Concert and Chamber Choirs. Dr. Dell’Olio is responsible for all Liturgical celebrations for the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. He leads the Choirs on annual international and domestic concert tours and has released numerous albums on iTunes and Amazon.com. Dr. Dell’Olio was director of music at Mission Dolores Basilica in San Francisco, California, from 1990 - 2000. He led the Basilica Choir on its first international concert tour to Italy in June 1999. Dr. Dell’Olio holds a Doctor of Sacred Music, a Master of Music in Vocal Performance, and a Masters in Religious Education. He also holds a degree in Psychology. He pursued postgraduate work in Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy. Twitter Press: Website Coming About Photos Facebook Reviews Goodreads LinkedIn The Mother Load by LWB Podcast Necessary Whimsy Interview Medium Articles #BodyAndSoul Reading and Q & A Interview with the Writing Community Chat Show Reading from Coming About Body And Soul Reading Q & A Story of a Storyteller

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TT Banks would rather be doing anything other than writing in the 3rd person about herself. She writes books - this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you - you’re currently reading her author bio! She writes funny, quirky - sometimes nerve-racking - always sexy - lesbian fiction novels. She taught middle school math for one terrifying year and has since been a successful entrepreneur. She needed an outlet for her creative, goofy, slightly dark side - and that’s what you’ll find in her books. Twitter Press: Website Indie Spotlight by Bibiana Krall


Hi there! I’m Evan, Evan Knapp. I came to writing pretty much the way most authors do. I flunked out/dropped out of high school, then ran away from home to live on the streets of Portland, Oregon in the early ’80s. I panhandled, I was an underage club-kid, dabbled in prostitution, told ridiculous bedtime stories to my friends, all while training to be a classical ballet dancer. Then, I started getting dance jobs and had a 30-year career in the performing arts. I was also a teacher, choreographer, director and producer. I retired, then went to college - studying performing arts - to get that piece of paper that said I was qualified to do what I’d been doing my whole life, because I thought I was just a dumb dancer and I needed to prove to myself I wasn’t. I graduated Magna Cum Laude. During my senior year (at age 40-something) I met a professor, Christian De Matteo (Tellworthy.com) who’s infectious love of the written word, in all its forms, somehow smeared off onto me, and, I inadvertently wrote a book. It feels akin to choreographing with words. Right! My book. My book is a short-form bildungsroman memoir titled, WHERE THERE iS MOVEMENT. Connect on Twitter @movementwhere, Facebook, and Email. Twitter Press: @Tellworthy Author Page @PoetOrganic Poetry @writing_show WCCS Podcast Interview @NecessaryWhimsy Print Interview Kirkus Review Kirkus Feature/Profile #evansdailydance

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Ash Knight is a voracious reader, lover of pancakes, and believes that love is love. Ash is a sucker for a good love story with a happily ever after. Twitter Press: Jess Carpenter Indie Author Spotlight: Ash Knight Happy Writing™ Podcast

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A.C. Merkel is an author, musician, and digital artist. What if you could watch history unfold? Take a ride on the Orient Express? Rock out at CBGB in its heyday? Go dancing in post prohibition Chicago? Pick berries under billions of pure starlit pinpoints in 1540s France? That is the premise of his debut urban fantasy. Twitter Press: BookCon virtual panel The Mother Load Podcast The Writing Community Chat Show Armed with a Book Victoria J. Price interview Literary Express interview Necessary Whimsy interview Books.Cocktails JL Rothstein Interview