Welcome to Queer Indie’s 2022 Awards!

Voting ends February 7, 2022.

Voting works best on a desktop. Please sign into your Google account to ensure everyone only votes once per category (your email will not be collected, and you will remain anonymous).

Scroll through the containers to view the full results, and vote for your favorite AUTHOR (some have multiple books, and some are in multiple categories). founding members are not included—submissions are only from the directory.

*NOTE: These awards are for an author’s work as a whole, not one of their specific books. If the author is particularly prolific in a category, to save space, all of the author’s books may not be listed, but the author WILL be listed in every representative category.

PRIZE: Permanent feature on Qi’s Awards page with covers/links to a book.

Queer Lit: Speculative
Queer Lit: Suspense
Queer Lit: Romance
Queer Lit: Fiction/Nonfiction
Queer Lit: Youth
Ally Lit: Speculative
Ally Lit: Suspense
Ally Lit: Romance
Ally Lit: Fiction/Nonfiction
Ally Lit: Youth


  • Speculative = Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror
  • Suspense = Mystery & Thriller
  • Romance = Romance & Erotica
  • Fiction/Nonfiction = Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, & Memoir
  • Youth = YA, NA, MG, & Kid Lit

* Note: All works are adult literature unless otherwise specified.